Organic Link Building – Does It Work?

When people hear about link building, it sounds like a technical and nerdy subject. Perhaps it certainly is, on several levels. Link building simply means getting inbound links from web resources. It’s a process where you convince websites or blog owners to include anchor text links on their website that points to your website. This off-page SEO job is usually handled by an experienced internet marketer or link building consultant and considered as one of the most important parts that impact web traffic, online visibility and search engine rankings.

How do you build links for your website? The answer is organic link building.

Organic or natural link building is a link building system that is done manually or not using any automated tools. It’s a link from other person’s website, be it a blog or social profile, where they linked to your site without you exerting too much effort other than providing the readers with unique and informative content that they think is relevant to their website and followers. Natural links offer many advantages for your website. They increase your visitors, a improve the value of your brand and the search engines give high credit to such links and later reward your website to be placed on top.

Organic backlinks can be done through the following methods:

Writing quality and unique content. Your content must be something that is valuable for the readers and something that they can get information of what they need. When people find your content interesting and worthy to share with their networks, they would naturally link to your site.

Writing news or press releases. People love news especially trending ones. When you’ve found some interesting topics and write about them, you’ll become the first source, thus giving you a great opportunity to get links.

Submit your website to social bookmarking pages. Although these sites don’t offer link juice because they are no-follow sites, they help boost your traffic and when your bookmarked post becomes popular, there’s a good change you can get natural links.

Outreach-based link building. This is one of the most popular ways to gain organic backlinks. It works by obtaining a list of influencers who owned niche-related blogs or websites and email the contact persons to offer your content and build relationships.

This video also provides some useful tips to help you in your quest for outreach link building.